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Question: After i have placed an order, how do I get the items?
Answer: We will put the items on a new account and email you the login details. You can contact us on mail for help with transferring items.
Question: How long does it take to deliver items?
Answer: After blizzard server changes time for delivery is depending on the order size and how busy we are, most orders(basic items) are delivered in 30 minutes to few hours but please allow for up to 12-24 hours for Sc ladder.

Mostly its about 24 hours for total perfect items, perfect small charms like 3/20/20, or perfect runewords.
delivery up to 24-48h for complicated orders, or if battlenet is not working correctly. If you not receive delivery email within 24hours, please contact us

Question: Are your items unperm(duped)?
Answer: All of our items are perm unless stated unperm. We only deliver rare jewels with a socket policy(we put the jewel in your item) so you are completely safe. Our items will never vanish.
Question: Do I get the item exactly as it appears in the picture and what does variables mean?
Answer: The pictures are just an example so you can see how an item is in game. We deliver items with random stats in the variable range. The only exception for this rule are crafts and rares, items there are exactly same stats as on picture.

Question: What is Low order Fee?
Low order fee is added due to paypals fee for low orders, we wouldnt get almost any cash for orders under 1$, all of it would be taken by paypal. The limit is 1$, if you cross it low order fee wont be added.

Question: What payment methods do you accept?
Answer: At this time we only accept payments through PayPal. You can use your credit or debit card even if you do not have an account though!

The prices on this site represent the sum of a finders fee and a transfer fee. All items remain the sole property of Blizzard Entertainment. After an item has been transferred to you, takes no responsibility for its loss or or alteration due, but not limited to: hacks, scams, theft, rollbacks, patches, bugs, accident, character/account deletion or expiration. will not replace lost items for any reason. Remember: you are paying a finders fee and a transfer fee. If you lose your items, you must contact Blizzard for any possibility of recovery. After we have transferred the items to you, you have gotten what you have paid for. Anything that happens to the items after that is beyond our control. We are selling items for LOD (Lord Of Destruction) Softcore characters and Europe + East Hardcore Ladder
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